How does coaching work?

  • A coach helps you clearly see the answers to life and then helps you to believe you can get there.
  • A coach helps people work from point B to point A. Explanation: Most people try to work from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to be; their goals; their aspirations).
  1. A is where people are stuck. Lies. Fears. Wrong core thinking. Wrong emotional responses. If a person always works from A, they stay focused on wrong core thoughts and emotions, and thereby never reach B.
  2. B is where a person in reality already is; they just do not know it. It is inside them. Coaching helps them see it.

You must see (in your mind and heart) B and believe you can get there. Coaching will show you a path from B back to A and work from there.

  • A coach encourages and motivates you to find your best.
  • A coach holds you accountable to be your best. (This is key!)
  • Coaching sessions are by phone or in person and are forty-five minutes to one hour in length.